Present Simple Examples

Take a look at these present simple examples.

These are example of people saying basic sentences in the present simple from TV and movies.

in general

Here are some examples of people using the present simple to make general statements about their life.

Such as where they live…


Things they like…

or what they don’t like…

Or where they work…

describing the present

People use the present simple to describe how things look in the present. For example:

People also talk about what they want in the present.

…or what they don’t want.


People also use the present simple when talking about events in the future that are fixed and can’t be changed, such as schedules:

Learn by practicing these key example sentences and get a feel for how people use the present simple.

The present simple is the most common English tense. It has a very basic meaning and people use it in many situations.

What next?

When you’re comfortable with these basic sentences, you can think more about the meaning of the present simple.

It’s also a good idea to look at some past simple examples to see how a small change (often adding an -ed) can change the meaning of these sentences.

Or look at examples of other tenses.