Our famous meaning-based approach.

Learning the key concepts of English grammar takes away a lot of the guess work. Step outside of how your first language works and think of English as English.


Explore the four basic concepts that make up the 12 (or 16) classic English tense patterns.

When you understand these concepts, you can see why a pattern is being used in any situation.

When you think about grammar, ask these simple questions:

  • What is it?
  • What does it mean?
  • How do we use it?

Instead of having to ‘just remember’ each grammar point and remembering when people use it, with Real Grammar you understand what it means and why people choose to use it. With this knowledge you can see past many traditional grammar rules and understand how English really works.

The way our first and second languages work is often very different. Here we break it down into core concepts from an English speaker’s perspective. The aim of this site is to present you with key points of English grammar. Once you are aware of what the grammar is, you can explore it further in the real world to deepen your understanding and make it your own.

After thinking about these concepts test them for yourself. Listen to people speaking English, watch videos or read. Think about the meaning of the parts and what is being communicated.

I hope the ideas presented on this site help you deepen your understanding English and help you communicate more effectively.