weaving: the theme running through the Mind Brain Ed Grammar Think Tank

Mind Brain Ed Think Tank: L2 Grammar and the Brain

I recently wrote an article on Understanding English Grammar Through Visual and Experiential Models for the Mind Brain Ed Think Tank: L2 Grammar and the ...

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The IN-ON-AT Pyramid: Does size matter?

In, on, and at are very useful for talking about time and place. And although they are very simple words, they are often challenging for English learners. ...

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past-present-future- traditional tenses written on a blackboard - the old warped view of tenses - in jumbled order. This traditional way of looking at English tenses is confusing!

Do we really say, “Tomorrow will be Friday”?

Tomorrow will be Friday. It’s a simple English sentence. Sentences like this are very common in English language teaching, but is this something a native ...

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The day after tomorrow

I often thought it was strange that many students come up with these long and complex sentences such as “I will go to the beach the day after tomorrow”, ...

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