How to use Real Grammar

There are different ways of approaching grammar as a learner, depending on your goals and learning style.

Real Grammar is to the point, with simple terms, no rules, no exceptions, and a strong focus on meaning.

This makes it perfect as a reference for people who have some knowledge of English and want to better understand grammatical words and parts of words that they feel they are missing.

It is also useful for learners who want to study grammar to develop an understanding of English to help them gain confidence. When speaking, many learners want to be confident that the words and sentences they are using are natural. When listening they want to be confident that they are not missing anything and clearly understand what people are saying.

As a reference for intermediate learners

When you’re learning a language, you are trying to decode what people are saying and understand. But you don’t understand everything, so you’ll often have questions.

When learners want to know what something means, they can turn to a dictionary or grammar book.

It is natural to ask “what’s this/that” when you don’t understand.

When you have these questions, Real Grammar can be a useful reference. Use the contents and index to find what you are looking for. Look at related parts of English grammar and understand the meaning of any grammatical features you are unsure of.

For grammar study

Many people ask why study grammar at all? If your goal is to understand the language and speak it so that people understand you, it is important to understand how the words and parts of words fit together.

Real Grammar can be used for self-study. Learners can work through it at their own pace.

It can also be used in class.