Grammar Book Review: Real Grammar

An unsolicited review. Not something I would normally do but I’m so impressed by this book that I’d like to help spread the word. Please use as you see fit.


I’m a bit of a grammar junkie, and this is flat-out the best grammar book I’ve ever read.

It takes a highly visual approach which makes the concepts far easier to comprehend and far easier to recall.

The visual system for illustrating verb tense and aspect is a model of clarity and should be a game-changer for any students struggling with verb usage.

The structure of the book is based on real-life communicative needs rather than academic grammatical categories, and each concept builds logically on what went before.

If you could call any grammar book an exciting read it’s this one. Even as a native speaker, you will end up with a far clearer understanding of the architecture of the language.

It’s so good that I use it to structure my second language learning, as it’s so much clearer than the native books. I simply map this approach onto the new grammar – and it’s a powerful way to understand the similarities and differences.

My only reservation is the price, which will put this wonderful resource beyond the means of many students in poorer countries.

Other than that – the strongest possible recommendation. This book will change your understanding of how grammar should be taught.

– Geoff Caplan

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