on the weekend or at the weekend?

Some English speakers say “on the weekend“, others say “at the weekend“. People from different countries sometimes use different words. The important thing is that these words are not random. The meanings of “on” and “at” both fit.

There is logic behind both options.

In the USA people often say, “…on the weekend”.
In the UK people often say, “…at the weekend”.

Both are logical. They both make sense, so people are comfortable with whichever they are used to.

“What did you do on the weekend?

on the weekend chart: showing why it makes sense.

“What did you do at the weekend?

at the weekend chart: showing why it makes sense.

Key Point

There are different words that people use.

  • Sometimes these words have different meanings.
  • Sometimes (like with on the weekend or at the weekend) either way makes sense and people simply use what they are used to.

Thinking about the core meanings of simple words like in, on, and at helps you understand how to use them.

You can “just remember” when to use in, on, and at. But, thinking about the simple meanings of these words can help you understand more. And when you understand the meaning of basic words like this, it is satisfying seeing how all these pieces of the language come together.

People use these words because they are used to them, but words also have meaning.

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